Low-Cost, High-Impact Wedding Day Decor

Guest Blogger, Alice Robertson, Home organization expert

Low-Cost, High-Impact Wedding Day Decor

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Your big day is quickly approaching and you honestly don’t know what is more stressful— dealing with the wedding itself or helping to make arrangements for all your visiting guests and relatives. The stress can even double or triple if your home is involved. Whether you are hosting several overnight guests or using your home as the stage for the rehearsal dinner, reception or even the ceremony, you’ve got a lot on your plate.

These tips and tricks will give you the inside scoop on inexpensive ways to decorate, furnish and accommodate.

DIY Decorations

Making decor yourself adds a special touch to both you and your guests’ experience. Before you decide to remake your home from ceiling to floor— remember, with DIY the savings in your bank account can sometimes be offset by the depletion in your time. Don’t overcommit with projects you need to accomplish, which can just add extra stress during an already stressful time. When making your own decorations, keeping it simple can also keep it elegant. Try a few ideas like:

Making colorful paper flowers for a wedding in a backyard that lacks blooms and blossoms. Using an assortment of jars from a thrift store to make homemade candles as wedding favors for guests. Decorating your dining room with an array of homemade hors d'oeuvres in lieu of a formal, sit down dinner.

For overnight guests, you can get crafty with a warm DIY welcome. Put little bottles of hotel shampoo and conditioner in their rooms, make air mattresses feel more luxurious with cozy bedding and set out little handmade cards with important info like WiFi passwords. You can even add small coffee pot and tea in each room, so they feel more like they are staying at a bed and breakfast than crashing at your house.

Dig for the Discounts

Before you drain your savings or max out your credit cards on decorations, you are only going to use once, look for online deals. You’d be amazed at the promo codes and coupons you can find for items that can help your wedding day shine or make your guests feel more at home. Browse a bit to get an idea of what you’ll want and need, then try these shopping tricks:

Plan your registry through Zola, which allows guests to contribute money to your honeymoon or purchase home goods or other equipment you’ve registered for. Go a step further and earn cash back on any purchases. Stock up on bathroom goodies for overnight guests — or even as a gift to those in attendance — with discount offers from stores including Bed, Bath and Beyond. Sign up for Amazon Prime to get free shipping on your purchases, or make lists of the items you want from online retailers and only make a purchase when you hit the amount that qualifies for free shipping. Create elegance and grace with decor for your backyard wedding with promo codes for Crate and Barrel. Find deals on everything from flatware for your reception to linens for your guests on Overstock.com. Look for discounts and cash back opportunities on wedding day makeup at Sephora and wedding night lingerie at Victoria’s Secret.

Be sure to have items shipped directly to you to save time and money. When using offer codes that apply a savings to your whole cart, take the time to ensure you are purchasing everything you need all at once, so you can maximize your savings.

Scheme Up a Theme

If you can dream it, you can theme it! Design your experience around a theme so that you can narrow your search for decorations, food and drinks. A theme will help you stay within the scope of your budget and can help transform your home into an adventure for both you and your guests. When looking for inexpensive ways to entertain, consider:

Creating a rustic backyard reception dinner by shopping at thrift stores and garage sales for chalkboard signs, birdcages, baskets, silverware and plates. Offering a glamping (glamor and camping) experience for overnight guests by setting up cozy tents with air mattresses, string lights, a bistro table and chair and an extension cord for electricity. Saying your vows in a parlor-style living room, with furniture, decorations and other accents that call to mind Victorian-era living.

A great way to get more life out of your in-home wedding decor choices is to time everything with a basic home remodel. Looking to upgrade your living room? Purchase furniture, rugs and lighting that both set the tone for both your wedding day and your life together. If you are planning on a backyard wedding, go ahead and consider this an opportunity to make decisions about outdoor furniture and landscaping that you will use on that day and beyond.

Wedding Bliss Ceremonies welcomes guest bloggers who want to share information to help the bride and groom prepare for their wedding day. Please contact Dr. Lesly, Officiant if you want to share.


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