Should I Hire an Event Planner or Self Plan?




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                                                                                                                                           The excitement of engagement season is finally here! He asked and she said yes! As a wedding officiant I have been contacted by happy couples as early as a year to a few months before the wedding. There are couples who want to start the planning early while others choose to have a long engagement and plan closer to the wedding date. 



When planning your dream wedding and depending on the size and type of ceremony you desire there is always much to be done. The end goal is to make memories with a magical moment no matter how big or small. 


As a Happy wedding officiant I have interacted with the bride and groom directly and I have also dealt with wedding planners acting on behalf of the couple. The decision is yours. 


The following are a few things to think about when deciding whether you want to engage a wedding event planner or not.


Consider this?


There are wedding event planners who can help you from your engagement day to the conclusion of your wedding day and everything in between. 




There are day of the event planners who assist you in navigating on the day of your wedding.


Ask yourself the following:


  1. Am I a detailed person?

  2. Do I have the time to focus on every aspect of the wedding?

  3. Is budget a consideration?

  4. Do I have the ability to negotiate great prices with vendors?

  5. Am I  creative and endowed with continuous fresh ideas?

  6. Do I care if I split my time on the day of the wedding as the bride and planner?

  7. Am I a stress free person?

  8. Am I prepared to handle tricky situations?

  9. Am I capable of keeping everyone on the same page prior to and on your wedding day?

  10. Will I be able to handle the unexpected?


Whatever your decision don’t let it rest solely on finances. Your wedding day is a rare and special event the goal is to make memories and to enjoy a perfect union.


Contact Dr. Lesly, the Happy  wedding officiant if you want to create a perfect ceremony that is uniquely yours!

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