Consider "Special Additions" For Your Wedding Ceremony

One of the beautiful things about wedding ceremonies is that you can make them as simplistic or sentimental as you desire. It is your day and every aspect of the ceremony should reflect what you envision. 


As a wedding officiant I make sure to ask couples what their perfect day looks like. I am especially interested in the wedding ceremony. Creating a unique ceremony makes it special for the couples and exciting for me. 


In addition to the vows which are shared between a bride and groom there are what I term, "Special Additions" 


The following are four popular "Special Additions" which add unforgettable memories to your wedding ceremony


Unity Candle, HandFasting, Sand Ceremony or Cord of Three Strands


Unity Candle: 


The Unity Candle Ceremony signifies the light of a couple's love. Sharing in the moment can be the parents, children or just the bride and groom. the two outside candles represent the separate lives of each. They jointly light the candle in the middle as a sign of committing to life as one.





This tradition started as a Roman Celtic tradition but has become increasingly popular among other faith groups. The couple is joined together by the tying of their hands. The grape vines and rope symbolizes the bride and groom joining together and staying together. It is also known as "Tying the Knot." 


Sand Ceremony: 


Sand Ceremonies represent a beautiful blending of families. It become extra special when children are part of the moment. The uniqueness of blending different colored sands together highlights the joining of the bride and groom along with loved ones.


Cord of Three Strands: 


This religious ceremony symbolize the uniting of a bride, groom and God into a marriage relationship. Couples who want to emphasize keeping God at the center of their marriage may want to include this short ceremony during their vows. A bible verse is usually included as part of the ceremony along with three cords which are held by the groom and tied by the bride. 


Whether or not you choose a "Special Addition" for your wedding ceremony wonderful memories are sure to be made. 


I would love to hear how you envision your wedding day. Please feel free to contact me or visit my website and leave your comments.  


Feel free to share this blog with other amazing couples!




Dr. Lesly, Blissful Wedding Officiant



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