Premarital Counseling Yes or No?




Planning a wedding is an exciting time for engaged couples. As a Wedding Officiant who has performed many ceremonies, It is important to ask questions of the engaged couple. I always send out a wedding ceremony questionere. One of the questions I ask is if the couple wants premarital counseling. I pose the question not to bring a damper on the intended marriage but rather to provide the engaged couple with an opportunity to prepare for a life together as they approach their wedding day.


The following five questions and answers will help you make an informed decision as to whether premarital counseling is for you.


Question: What is the meaning of premarital counseling?


Response: Premarital counseling is when a couple engages in therapy sessions before marriage in order to ensure that they communicate strengths and weaknesses in their relationship. This time together is to ensure that before marriage you have a healthy relationship which follows you into your marriage.


Question: Is premarital counseling really important?


Response: This answer depends on what you consider a priority in your relationship. Think about how you communicate, what your expectations are of each other, and whether you are in a place as a couple where you effectively engage in conflict resolution. If you struggle in any of these areas premarital counseling might be important.


Question: Is there a cost assoicated with premarital counseling?


Response: As a wedding officiant, (Wedding Bliss Ceremonies) one of the many services that I offer is the option to have premarital counseling. If you choose to participate, generally speaking the cost varies between $50.00 to $150.00 for a 45 to 60- minute session. 


Question: Is there a time frame that we should consider for premarital counseling?


Response: It depends on if there are any pre-existing issues that should be resolved before the marriage. Counseling can be from one session to twelve weeks. You have to decide whether there are patterns and behaviors that you can or can't live with. 


Question: How do we choose a premarital counselor?


Response: It is important to make sure the therapist or minister is a good fit. Ask questions regarding the professional experience of the person offering the service. Cost might be a consideration, find out if the counselor takes insurance or if an ordained wedding offciant, is it part of their package. 


Finally, when considering if premarital counseling is for you here is a list of areas that might be worthy of discussion.


1. Income and spending habits.


2. Intimacy expectations.


3. Family matters.


4. Religous preferences.


5. Social activites.


6. Merging of friends.


Choosing a person as your life long soulmate in marriage is a major step. You have to decide if premarital counseling is worth the time.


I would love to hear from you. (Contact Lesly) What are your thoughts? premarital counseling yes or no?  Leave your comments below.


If you want more information please visit, Wedding Bliss Ceremonies. 


If you find this article helpful, please feel free to share with other engaged couples.


Wishing you blissful planning!!


Lesly,  Wedding Officiant

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