Five Things NOT To Do After Your Christmas Day Engagement!

 Christmas is a day filled with family, love and laughter for many people. It is also a day that will be etched in the mind of many couples because a wonderful person decided to get on bended knee in front of family and friends to pop the question. "Will you marry me?" If you don't believe me search your social media pages, you are certain to find a proposal or two being streamed especailly during this wedding season.


Now that you have asked and she said yes, #shesaidyes, congratulations! As you read all the blogs and articles that will post on line, in magazines and on store shelves, your to do list increases by the day. It can be overwhelming to think that you have so much ahead of you in order to plan a perfect and memorable wedding day.

As a wedding officiant  I am privileged to speak with many couples who are in the early stages of planning their wedding. Some couples  have long lead time, one year or more before they get married. There are other couples who have six months or less before the big day. No matter how long or short the time before you marry, I say, in the beginning the less you think about the better the planning will be. 


The following are five things NOT to do after your christmas day engagement.


1.  Slow Go. Forever is a long time. After your engagement DON"T rush the process. Take a moment to BREATHE, "Woosa." Fast paced planning before you have an opportunity to digest what just happened can put you immediately into anxiety overdrive. 


2. Silence Social Media. Unless your egagement occured with "ALL" parents and siginificant family members present, DON'T post the engagement on social media before you call mom and dad. The wonderful thing about an engagement and a wedding is the time that family gets to celebrate with you. The last thing you want to do is to stir up bad feelings because everyone else knew before those who are closest to you.


3.  Wedding Party Woes. DON'T rush to call your family or friends and ask that they be in your wedding party. Carefully consider who you want to be part of your wedding day. If you choose too soon especailly for a wedding date that is scheduled far out, a lot can happen. A person may feel obligated when they really can't afford to be a part of the wedding party. Or you may choose someone and during the planning stage there is a falling out, which might cause you to lose contact. 


4.  Dress Shopping Rush.  DON'T rush to get what you consider the perfect wedding dress. There will be many perfect dresses. If you choose the first one that you see, it's guaranteed you will be disappointed. Look through magazines, shop online, attend bridal shows and then make an appointment with a wedding dress designer or bridal shop to find the best fit for you.


5.  Guest List Drama. DON'T start inviting people before you decide on the size of the wedding that you intend to have or the venue. Undoubtedly someone is going to be left out or overlooked. If you start inviting friends before you plan, feelings will be hurt. Discuss who you would like to invite with your fiance'. If you want this to be a family decision a great idea is to include your parents in the process; they will be very helpful with relatives that you may not frequently see but who should be included in your special day.


This list is not inclsuive there are so many Do's and Dont's. Just remember this is an exciting moment in your life. Think about what you envision as a memorable wedding day and most of all ENJOY the process! #weddingseason. 


Have you ever been a party to a wedding? Help another bride to be out, share your experience here. What would you tell a couple who is planning a wedding NOT to do?


For more incites on how to plan your wedding day check out my blog posts at


Please share this article with your friends. When you are ready please contact me for information regarding your wedding ceremony.


Congratualtions and happy planning!





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