Make Lasting Memories During Your Wedding With Your Declaration of Intent.


The first question might be what is the declaration of intent in a marriage ceremony. 


The short answer is,


The Declaration of Intent is the verbal equivalent of signing a marriage license  and entering into a contract in public. the words are usually recited by the wedding officiant and replied to by the Bride and Groom, in the beginning of the wedding ceremony.


The cookie cutter version is similar to this, the Officiant ask the Bride and Groom if they will have each other in marriage.


The couple responds with "I will," or "I do."  Tradition suggest that a question be addressed to the guest, "If there is anyone who knows reason why this couple should not be entered into marriage speak now or forever hold you peace."


As an officiant I love to personaliize the entire ceremony including the Declation of Intent to marry. Each couple is special and uniqiue in my eyes so I truly believe that what is shared between them during the ceremony should represent their commitment and love story. 


After speaking with a couple about their relationship and personalities I wrote this declaration of intent for their wedding ceremony.


Here is a little of what was shared.


"Groom, are you willing to learn from them and also recognizing Bride's weaknesses and accepting of them will you have Bride, the woman who never met a stranger, to be your lawful wedded wife..?"


"Bride, I know your Dad is smiling from above and would probably say, "Daughter you listened to me in so many ways, especailly in allowing God to lead you to marry a wonderful man." Will you take Groom to be your lawful wedded husband..."


The point is, a personal touch was added becasue I spoke with the couple and expressed their desires in the Declaration of Intent.


Don't be afraid to  share your relationship with your officiant who can make lasting memories through the words that are espressed in the Declaration of Intent.

What would you want your guest to know during your wedding ceremony? Help another couple out and share your thoughts in the comments below.









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