Your Engaged! Who Will Perform Your Wedding Ceremony?



There are several individuals who can perform a legally binding marriage ceremony.


In the State of New Jersey I am honored to have united couples in marriage under each one of the following titles.


1. Justice of the peace: A judicial officer, of a lower court, elected or appointed by means of a commission who has the authority to solemnize marriages.


2. Ordained Minister: A person who has been ordained, in accordance with the ceremonial, ritual, or discipline of a church, or organization established on the basis of a community of faith.


3. Judge: Similar to a Justice of the Peace: 


4. Celebrant: A person who leads a ceremony such as a marriage or a funeral.


5. Officiant: The officiant leads your wedding ceremony. The basic duties of an Officiant is to assist you with the planning and writing of your ceremony.  


I truly, enjoy having the awesome responsibility of making sure that two people drawn together in love are legally united and happy with their wedding ceremony.


Whether the task I have is writing your vows or co-creating with you the perfect wording in your personal vows to each other, I stand ready to assist you with making blissful memories.


Planning your wedding? Now is the time for you to start thinking about your ceremony. If I can be of assistance please feel free to call for a complimentary consultation.


Happy planning!


Dr. Lesly, Ordained Wedding Officiant








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