Beautiful Bride on a Budget



Congratulations on your engagement! It's time to plan your wedding day! Money is no object right? Wrong, depending on the type of wedding that you have dreamed about money can be a huge obstacle. Weddings can cost on the average, $35,000.00 according to several wedding research studies.


Relax, you don't have to spend as much and you can still have the wedding of your dreams.


Here are 10 ways to survive wedding season without going broke.


1.  Set a budget: Be realistic about what you will spend. Consider every area of the wedding and be intentional about not overspending. 


2.  Prioritize: Consider what your needs are verses your wants and exercise restraint in areas which might cause you to overspend.


3.  Shorten the guest list: This can be a huge challenge but a big savings. Focus on immediate family and close friends before you invite people on your job.


4.  Sunday wedding: Saturday is expensive. The least expensive weekend day is Sunday. Opt for an evening and save even more money.


5.  Winter wedding: Avoid having your wedding during peak season which usually runs from May to September. The least popular months for weddings are January and February. 


6. Minus one: Limit your "Plus One" to very close friends. Invite guest who are of drinking age, which in most states is 21 years old.


7.  Limit the bar: Liquor can be very expensive. Opt not to have an open bar at the reception. Or limit the drinks to beer and wine.


8.  Ax the wedding coordinator: Consider whether you really need someone to tell you what to do for your wedding. If you are creative and have time to work on the planning this is an expense that can be eliminated.


9.  Combine the venue: Choose the same venue for the ceremony and the reception. This allows you to save on decor, limousines and booking two spaces.  


10. Sell what you don't need: Rent what you can for your wedding day. If you have to make purchases make sure they are resellable items. eBay is a great place to start.


Remember, there is a difference between being cheap and being cost conscious. You can have an elegant and memorable day without breaking the bank or going into debt. 


Write out your budget, next put down your wants and needs. I would love to hear your thoughts. Please share with me at and receive a complimentary consultation on preparing your wedding ceremony.




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