Have You Considered the Time of Day for Your Wedding Ceremony?


Your wedding date is fixed. The venue has been selected and you are well on your way to a perfect day. The last peace of this trio is the time of day that you choose to get married. 


The most popular times for a wedding are afternoon and evening and on occasion morning. Afternoon weddings tend to force a shorter wedding day and bring with it pros and cons. Wrapping a wedding and reception up by six o'clock in the evening gives the newlyweds more time together on there honeymoon night. However the schedule could be so tight that your guest don't have time to party and enjoy themselves.


Evening weddings are very popular. Your guest appreciate the opportunity to dress in cocktail or evening attire. However, the extra expense might make an evening wedding cost prohibitive. 


Morning weddings while less popular are attractive for couples on a budget and looking for something small.


 With every thing mentioned above, in choosing a time for you wedding there are a few things to consider.


1. Are you planning activities prior to the wedding and how much time you will need.?


2. The day of the week is worth considering. for example Friday evening wedding might present time and travel issues for people who have to work and then go home dress and attend a wedding. 


3. Consider the time you will need between the wedding ceremony and the reception, especially if it is and evening affair and you plan to take wedding pictures.


In the end, remember it's your day,  put you plan and timeline of events on paper, choose your time and make beautiful memories!





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