To Elope or Not? That Is The Question.




The day after my now husband proposed to me we picked our wedding date. I had always dreamed of a big wedding which included my children, family and friends, (My husband and I blended our family). We were engaged in on Thanksgiving day. August was the month set for our wedding. 


As our plans begin to take shape I truly believed that everything would go off without a hitch. But as it is said, the best laid plans can sometimes falter. My first struggle was with the wedding planner. I was referred and without seeking a second or third opinion I hired her. she was a total disappointment and I ended up doing most of the planning. There were other challenges from the guest list to the limousine driver not showing up on the day of my wedding. (All for another post). The point is, I begin to think it would have been easier and less stress if we eloped. 


Pros:1. Eloping is a financially conservative alternative and very romantic.

         2. Less stress with little family drama.

         3. Choice of location is wide open for your nuptials.

         4. Your opinion is all that matters.

         5. Your secret makes your nuptials extra special.


Cons: 1. Family is not present to share your special day.

           2. Enthusiasm is lessened without a celebration.

           3. Don't expect gifts.

           4. You will probably do most of the planning, which is work.

           5. You miss out on being queen for the day.



I will share with you in a later post how my nuptials evolved. For now, I ask the question, which do you prefer, elopement or wedding? Share your comments below.



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